Consumer or Community – Standards?

What’s really interresting in this next clip is the puzzling mind game played while disseminating the photo/video segments.

I’ve watched this clip a couple of times just mulling over a couple of things each watch

*would my own children (ages 35-18) ever be in these lineups and why? (thankfully not yet and not so far) and what would this mean for how I raised them?

*Can human beings be controled and cage-fed to a point they become hamsters?

*What is most important to ‘our’ society?

*What kind of person has the time to waste 16 and 20 hours in a row or more? Where are their jobs to get ‘extra’ money to spend?

*Who / What do we ‘worship’ in our society?

*How many ‘fads’ can our culture tolerate? Will we continue to be dazzled by the ‘newest thing’ no matter the cost?

*Why do we wait like hamsters, in intollerable lines, to PAY our hard earned money? Does no one think to ask the one PAYING to be the one treated best? I PAY therefore I AM…able to kill your job/management position. Waiting in line for hours? I don’t fugging THINK so! I buy YOUR product…therefore YOU should wait in a line to sell me your CRAP!

Just a little flustrated after reading about assaults and even DEATHS over ‘on sale’ items. +Anyone besides me remember those ‘deadly sins’ like gluttony and sloth? Greed; what gaineth thou? Render unto ‘whothefugever’?

This video is worth watching if only for the recognition that you are not alone in your pursuit of a faith-filled and freedom-filled life of joy and praise and independence.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Welcome freedom lovers and may God Bless All.




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