Who Is ‘Responsible’ For The Content of ‘Social Media’?

It’s ‘Social Media’; right?

Social; as in ‘All Of Us’. Hmmmm




*Misinformation? In the Zuckerburg, DC, Big Brother sense? Or is it just ‘entertainment’ in the ‘social’ sense?

*Fake News? or JustShitImLookingatforfun?

*Flagged? or ‘Reported on’ by the new wave Brown Shirts?

–  Any of you ever had one of those neighbors that called police/management if your music or house guests got too ‘enthusiastic’?  Every person I’ve ever known has had ‘one of THOSE neighbors’. You know; curtain peeking, staring into the windows, frowning at the decibles your truck expels…  One of those Holyer-Than-Thou “Community” folk, (they call themselves) we normal folk call busy-body’s?.



Exactly WHO guards the social media hen house? Were they voted in democratically? When main stream media (MSM) is flagged for a ‘fake news’ item (like Hillary polls) will it matter?

Zuckerberg just bought his way into CHINA!!?? Censorship Central. LMAO. What do they do about THAT fake news?











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