Will The Left NEVER Learn?

This is just getting ridiculous. The anarchist left feels that any dissenting opinion must be demonized or delegitimized – just to silence any debate or rational discussion. It’s like they’re standing in the public square with fingers in their ears yelling LA LA LA LA LA…


We need to put true history and true democratic principles back in our schools and flush out the toilet of socialism. Communist/socialist political authoritarianism has never worked EVER for ANY length of significant time and what HAS been allowed, has led to millions and millions of civilian deaths.


The truth MUST be heard. If SHTF, it will be because our present ‘government’ has failed us, and I, for one, will not be trusting our ‘government’ to “fix things”. The people vote, the people decide, and it’s time to make the TRUTH the only language for serious discussion. Not daydreams and fantasy unicorn rainbow farts.


If and when the S does HTF, these special snowflakes with their ‘catagoried groups’ will be the LAST people I will co-operate with. And the first people these helpless unicorn dreamers will be looking to for help are we sensible ones with the guns and freedoms and bibles.


Back off snowflakes… You might be ‘special’ but I and my fellow patriots are prepared.




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